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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I didn't think it was possible, but Ruffers, Riley, and Sputnik were even more interested in sniffing along the Baseline Trail than the packs have generally been in recent weeks. We made our way along the trail in fits and spurts, as Riley and Sputnik would be drawn to some point just up the trail, then Ruffers would want to backtrack and follow up on a whiff she caught in passing. We continued back and forth like that for a long while, and the sniffing continued even after we moved on from the Baseline Trail. I've often noticed that the dogs' noses seem to work overtime after precipitation. The dank air must bring to life some pretty interesting landscapes for the olfactorily inclined.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Lou, Poppy, and Rey followed the trend this afternoon, and did a lot of sniffing at the beginning of our walk. We inched our way across Eben G. Fine Park as the girls all sniffed around in the grass, while various travelers passed on the paved path. The whole pack stopped their sniffing and watched with unbroken attention as another dog walked by, and into the distance, until they disappeared around a bend, behind some foliage. After the dogs gave the park a thorough sniff, we started moving at a normal pace on the path. Our rhythm was only halted when we arrived at the big tree that Zoey always likes to sniff and mark, by creek, out front of the library.