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Monday Pack Activities (6/5/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack was happy to have Ruffers back from her spring hiatus. Bear and Avo had fun bounding back and forth between the Gregory Canyon Trail and the stream below as Dylan, Ruffers and I made our way up the trail at a slow and steady pace. Dylan resisted a bit as we approached the section of trail where it starts to get steeper and rockier. Friday's hike through that area felt especially treacherous after the rain and hail storm that had hit earlier that morning, and I think he found the idea of a repeat to be daunting. I took the hint (and tended to agree) so we only went a little past the bridge today, then turned around before the really difficult-to-navigate rock faces. Meanwhile, Ruffers was feeling spry and hopped over boulders without hesitation, often opting for the steeper route up when presented with easier options. Bear and Avo were so caught up in racing each other that they hardly took the time to consider the terrain they were traversing.

Variety Pack

We had two new pack members today: Buddy and Alfie! Buddy is a fun and lively little terrier. Alfie is a sweet Great Pyrenese with exceptional leash-walking manners. They joined Lou, who was eager to sniff out her new friends; and they, in turn, were happy to meet her. Alfie was especially interested in meeting Buddy, who was super outgoing at first greeting but then shied away a bit as big Alfie kept following him around and nosing him. We walked the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. An old hound dog waddled over to us in Martin Park at the start of our walk. Everyone happily greeted, and then Buddy started barking out his excitement while Alfie and Lou continued to sniff. Alfie showed impressive poise by stopping and sitting in place whenever I stopped to address Buddy, who was having some difficulty keeping together with the pack rather than trying to bound ahead. Buddy also made his best effort to trip Alfie up and get his leash wrapped around his legs, and Alfie was very patient as I stopped to untangle them. Everyone's attention magically got onto the same page whenever I reached for my treat pouch. With some more practice, I'm sure Buddy will start to adjust to the rhythm of the pack and Alfie won't have to be so careful of the tripping hazard. Lou followed a step behind the rest of us throughout the walk, helping to make it a bit easier for me to handle the two new additions.


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