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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Patches of snow were few and far between, but Dylan found a good one to wiggle around in while Ruffers stood by and sniffed around the perimeter. Sputnik was more chipper again today, and didn't have any trouble keeping up as he and Riley walked on leash with me. The pair of them got a bit upset about a big, friendly Golden Retriever who had sniffed hello with Ruffers and Dylan, and then tried to approach to greet the rest of the pack. It took a moment for the Golden Retriever to get the hint and move on, and meanwhile I was navigating our way up a slope that doesn't get much sun and is still quite icy. Thankfully, Sputnik and Riley didn't pull too much as they grumbled and woofed at the friendly intrusion.

Variety Pack

Lou, Carl, and Rey all stopped in unison at the People's Crossing trail head, and pulled off of the path to sniff around in the brush. Zoey and Mamacita joined in without much hesitation, to check out whatever had caught their packmates' noses. Carl ended up getting some burrs caught in his coat, which I promptly plucked. The others seemed to make it out unscathed. Rey was very curious about a dog who walked by while I was taking the pack photo. We passed the same dog a short while later, on the return leg of our walk, and she again turned all her attention that way until we had passed by. We saw the Great Dane again, and I brought the pack over to the footpath parallel to the main one, remembering how worked up the Great Dane got when we passed by the other day.

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