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Monday Pack Activities (9/18/2023)

Adventure Pack

Even though we were taking our time as Dylan and Bear sniffed along Baseline Trail, Ruffers still felt a need to back track a bit every now and then to give a follow-up sniff. We passed some trail workers in yellow vests who were hiking up to some location that was in need of attention. The dogs were panting pretty well by the time we got up the mountain. Ruffers and Bear stopped to sniff hello with a couple dogs, including a cute little Dachshund with whom they both approached delicately to sniff nose-to-nose. Dylan stuck by by side and showed no interest in greeting. A little further down the trail, we came by a Samoyed who stopped and got a greeting from all three pack members.

Variety Pack

Alfie carelessly tagged Zoey when they were sniffing and marking spots during today's Variety Pack, and Zoey had to get hosed off afterwards. There were some rabbits out that got the attentions of both Carl and Alfie, while Zoey and Lou didn't get worked up about them. As is often the case, we made a lot of stops early on with slow forward progress but then settled into a steadier pace for the latter part of our outing.


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