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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Sputnik, and Griff were all very interested in sniffing various shrubs and fallen branches along the trails at the Chautauqua this morning. We slowly made our way to Gregory Canyon, along the Baseline Trail, while they sniffed to their satisfaction on the way. As we headed up the narrow Gregory Canyon Trail, a couple off-leash dogs rounded a corner ahead of us. The whole pack barked at them until I brought them down a short side path to let the other dogs pass with their humans who were following shortly behind them. We passed the same dogs a little while later, as we were making our way back, and the pack all minded their manners far better that time.

Variety Pack

Avo, Riley, Zoey, and Mamacita were very curious about all the downed branches at Martin Park, when we set out for our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Avo tested out a couple limbs to see if she could carry them, but they proved too big for her. It seemed that the cooler weather brought out a little more pep in Mamacita's step. Riley and Avo had seemed quite lively before the walk, but they were actually pretty calm and well-mannered while we were out.


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