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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Racer were just as interested in the scents at the Shanahan trail head as their counterparts were yesterday, and Sputnik still had a lot of investigating left to do. The trails were empty enough that Griff and Sputnik got to spend a while off leash together, once we got a little way up the trail. They were in pretty mellow moods, so they just wandered up and down the trail, poking around here and there.

Variety Pack

Blu and Gidget joined Mamacita, Riley, and Avo for our pack walk this afternoon. Riley and Gidget were very excited to see each other again. Gidget lay out in front of Riley to let Riley sniff her, and also jumped around in Riley's face, which Riley put up with surprisingly well. Avo went for a quick roll in the grass at one point. Mamacita did not join in; she had an upset stomach at the beginning of the walk, and I guess she wasn't feeling particularly frisky. We saw several dogs around Wonderland Lake, and the pack mostly behaved themselves nicely. Mamacita did woof at one dog, which gave Avo an excuse to bark a couple times as well. The rest of the time, everybody was calm and polite.


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