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Thursday Pack Activities (11/2/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer, Tucker, Button and Griff hiked through Chautauqua Meadow and then up the mountain on a beautiful, cool morning. Button slowed down a bit on our way up Chautauqua Trail but we were able to keep moving. Several hikers today asked whether the dogs were all mine, and I let them know that they were not and I was just taking them for a hike. We came upon a group of kids doing nature sketches along Bluebell-Mesa Trail, and they were in awe of the pack.

Variety Pack

The prairie dogs were out along Goose Creek Greenway. Arlo was the most interested in them, but even he just watched and picked his pace up a little bit. Lou, Carl, Clover and Taco all ignored the chirping and continued in stride. Clover had a good amount of energy today, which was great to see from our elder pack member. The dogs all stopped to sniff the same spots together. Once someone found a point of interest, they all had to check it out one-by-one or sometimes two-by-two.


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