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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Most of the snow from the beginning of the week is already melted, and the trails at Shanahan Ridge weren't even muddy as Sputnik, Griff, and Racer hiked them today. Sputnik was hesitant to exit the packmobile at the start of our hike, as a dog was barking from the other side of a nearby fence. I coaxed him out with a treat, and then he relaxed and his demeanor returned to normal. Griff's ear seems to be healing up alright from his inury a couple weekends ago; I pet it gently and he didn't react at all. Racer was, thankfully, less drawn to the occasional poop encountered, as the dogs sniffed around at the edges of the trail.

Variety Pack

Avo and Mamacita did not approve of the first skateboarder who passed by us along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. After confronting them both about their poor manners, they let the next skateboarder we encountered pass by without incident - albeit with the help of some treats. Riley and Zoey were less concerned with skateboarders. They both were very scent-driven at each of our stops along the way, sniffing vigorously around tree trunks and patches of upturned dirt.


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