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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Zoey chased each other through the snow at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Racer and Sputnik hiked along with me. After their initial round of play, Griff and Zoey settled into the hike. As we continued, I noticed that Griff and Racer both enjoyed plowing through the deep snow alongside the trail, while Sputnik and Zoey mostly stuck to the beaten path. Still, Zoey ended up with an incredible amount of snowballs stuck in her fur.

Variety Pack

Riley, Avo, Zoey, Carl, and Mamacita all headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Riley couldn't get enough of the snow; when we stopped for a photo, she lay down to poke her nose in it, roll around a bit, and eat some, while the rest of the pack politely posed - well, Carl kept getting up and coming over to me, but he eventually stayed in place with the others. After the walk, the pack got to run around in the snowy yard for a little bit before heading back to their homes.

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