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Thursday Pack Activities (3/16/2023)

Adventure Pack

Blu, Griff and Tucker hiked Enchanted Mesa amid snowflakes and a chilly breeze. Blu and Tucker had some fun hopping, dodging and spinning around with each other before we hiked. The contrast between attendance at the Chautauqua today versus yesterday was stark. Yesterday, we had to park on a side street because it was so busy; today, the parking area was wide open and we encountered very few hikers on the trail. I guess that's the difference between 60's and sunny compared to 30's, overcast and breezy. Tucker was a little less patient than usual, and pulled ahead a bit on and off throughout the hike. Blu wanted to pull over frequently to sniff around off-trail. Griff stayed close by and followed dutifully.

Variety Pack

The breeze had settled down by the time Clover, Zoey, Carl and Gidget headed out for a walk to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Everyone made frequent stops to sniff around, but Zoey was drawn off the path by her nose the most of everyone. The rest of the pack would soon follow suit with her to check out whatever scents she had picked up on.


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