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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl, Griff, and Racer have a pretty consistent rhythm on our hikes. Carl and Griff rubber-band behind and then ahead of me and Racer, as they check things out off-leash. Racer keeps a steadier pace with me, but likes to stop and get a good sniff of a point of interest every so often. Sometimes Carl and Griff come over to check out whatever Racer is sniffing. Everyone is happy to say hello to other dogs when we encounter them - especially Carl. We came across one fallen tree on the Mesa Trail, which was not there when we last hiked a couple days ago.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Avo, and Mamacita headed to the Boulder Creek Path for our walk this afternoon. Unfortunately, there was an abundance of goose droppings strewn across and beside a long stretch of the path. Avo was quite interested in them, so I kept pulling her away when she would dip her head down to them; but I'm sure she nabbed a few bits here and there. Zoey and Mamacita were thankfully not interested in indulging. I was glad when we reached an area with twigs strewn about rather than goose droppings, and Avo entertained herself by chewing on those instead.


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