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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Lou joined the pack again this morning. Sputnik didn't dare trying to get frisky with her. Rather than spending a long time sniffing along the Baseline Trail, the pack was instead very interested in the Bluebell-Baird Trail leading up the mountain. I'm not a skilled tracker, but I saw some marks in the snow that I would guess were rabbit prints. Griff was especially interested in checking out those spots. Racer wanted to travel alongside the trail, so she could tromp through as much snow as possible. At the end of the hike, everyone had a turn getting mud wiped off of their paws, legs, and bellies.

Variety Pack

Boulder Creek was bustling today. We saw upwards of 20 dogs during our walk. Thanks to some jerky that I made sure to bring along, the pack - particularly Avo - minded their manners and kept their attentions on me whenever we passed one. Whenever I stopped to try to get a photo of the pack, Avo took it as an opportunity for play time. The first time, she rolled in the grass, popped up, and made a few playful moves. Zoey and Mamacita did not react, and she quickly gave up. At our next stop, Avo and Mamacita sniffed a tree while Zoey was staring at some people in the distance. Avo marked the tree and then hopped up beside Zoey and punched her in the shoulder. Zoey didn't budge, and just continued to stare at the people. At a later stop, Avo tried mounting Zoey to get her attention; when I pulled her off, she dodged all around, hoping either Zoey or Mamacita would take the bait. Nobody did, and she fell into line with a sigh as we started walking again.


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