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Thursday Pack Activities (9/21/2023)

Adventure Pack

Yoshi was very preoccupied with dogs behind us on the trail today. There were two different times where he turned around and started pulling backward when he noticed other four-legged hikers following us, even at a pretty good distance. We pulled over to the side of the trail to let them catch up and pass us by. Meanwhile, Griff was leading the way ahead of us. Racer walked well at my side throughout.

Bonus Pack

Monkey and Taco headed to the near side of Wonderland Lake from the house with Jen. There were plenty of grasshoppers for Monkey to pounce at. Taco made a lot of stops to sniff around, and also to take breaks in the shade. Some passers-by stopped to pet them both, noting what a cute puppy Monkey is and that surely Taco was a cute puppy, too.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Yoshi, Carl and Taco headed to Goose Creek Greenway for an afternoon stroll. There was a pesticide spray notice up for today, so I kept the dogs on the path and didn't let them wander into the brush. It seems like there have been an awful lot of dates for pesticide spraying in the area this season. The dogs all stuck together in pretty close formation with hardly any stopping or shuffling, which made for a pretty easy time.


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