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Thursday Pack Activities (9/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack lingered in shaded areas during our hike at the Chautauqua today. Still, Button was feeling the heat and lay down a couple times to take a break. Tucker and Griff were reluctant to take water the first couple times we stopped, but happily drank on subsequent stops. Button got her head and ears doused to help her cool off. Racer was back in her habit of lapping up water whenever offered, for as long as offered. We slowly made our way up the mountain on Bluebell-Baird Trail, and then back down on Chautauqua Trail, with a brief detour along the re-routed Bluebell-Mesa Trail.

Variety Pack

Taco and Carl were eager to veer off into the grass at frequent points along Bear Creek Greenway. Clover and Zoey made a few stops of their own - not as often, but with adamant insistence. Nelly followed where her packmates went, not picky about where to sniff. We made one longer stop in the shade of a nice, big tree halfway through the walk. Everyone got treats and pets while they took a breather and cooled off before heading back.

Bonus Pack

Alfie and Monkey enjoyed a short walk with Jen this afternoon in the neighborhood of Wonderland Lake. They both walked very nicely with little pulling from Monkey and virtually none from Alfie. They enjoyed frequent stops to sniff around. Monkey stealthily snatched up a small crab apple at one point and tried to hide it by holding onto it without chewing it, but was caught out and had to give up her plunder.


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