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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer was first in Farmers Ditch, eager to splash around in the water. Sputnik didn't wait to get in like before, and instead followed right behind Racer. Griff wandered off as we ascended to the red rock formation, and didn't return for a couple minutes. I wonder what had drawn his interest enough to ignore me calling him back to the group. Carl lingered far behind a couple times on our way back down, as he was sniffing and nibbling grass.

Variety Pack

Kona was fixated on the prairie dogs as we walked the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon. Meanwhile, Archie was pretty fixated on Kona. He wasn't as pushy about it as yesterday, but he kept sniffing and mouthing at her ear and neck as he walked beside her. Riley was curious about the prairie dogs as well. Imogene and Lou brought up the rear, politely following direction. Ruffers and Mamacita were doing fine until thunder started moving in, and then they were both dead set on high-tailing it back to the packmobile. We narrowly beat the downpour that followed.


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