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Tuesday Pack Activities (11/21/2023)

Adventure Pack

Taco, Imogene and Ruffers met a friendly, mellow black Lab during their hike at the Chautauqua today. about halfway through the hike, Imogene had a burst of playful energy. Ruffers was in the mood to join her, and chased after Imogene to egg her on as she zipped by the pack. Taco was busy sniffing around and didn't pay much attention to his rambunctious packmates.

Variety Pack

Monkey was hesitant when we first entered Valmont Dog Park this afternoon, and she hovered by the gate for the first couple minutes. Before long, she was chasing tennis balls beside Carl. Taco and Lumi went sniffing around the perimeter. Zoey found herself two balls that she managed to hold at once. Ruffers headed off to meet new freinds. Taco and Monkey joined up with Ruffers while Lumi continued on to the far end of the park to greet the dogs there. I brought the rest of the pack over to join up with Lumi and everyone had fun playing in the grass for a while. A few other dogs came and went from the area, including another very friendly Golden Retriever. This created the opportunity for my own game of trying to distinguish Lumi, Taco, and their new friend from each other at a distance.


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