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Tuesday Pack Activities (11/28/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer chomped on chunks of packed snow from the trail as we headed up the mountain today. Meanwhile, Imogene was scooping up mouthfuls of the fluffier stuff from beside the trail. We had a pretty close encounter with a deer who crossed Chautauqua Trail. Arlo got very worked up and barked and whined about the deer as it trotted off up the mountain. The rest of the pack remained cool. Griff kept close by as he scouted off leash. Imogene wandered off farther and did more running around.

Variety Pack

Monkey started the walk pulling ahead while Taco and Lou kept wanting to make stops. Ruffers and Carl walked nicely at pace on my other side. Eventually, everyone settled into a good rhythm together. Of course, Carl hurried over to the boulder mile marker at the basketball courts along Bear Creek Greenway, to leave his mark. The whole pack sniffed around in the snow there a bit. We encountered a few rambunctious pups during our walk, but the pack all stayed calm as they went by.


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