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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo found what looked to be a deer leg and started rolling around on top of it. When I got closer, I was relieved to see it was just a large stick. Later, she rolled in what looked like a patch of mud; on closer inspection it was a pile of horse manure. You win some, you lose some. Griff, Racer and Milo all stayed out of trouble on the trails at Shanahan Ridge. Griff ran alongside Avo a bit, but didn't keep up with all of her antics. Racer and Milo enjoyed themselves on leash with me for the duration.

Variety Pack

The park was hopping today. A lot of different dogs came and went during our visit. There were some points when an area of the park was just full of dogs milling around, sniffing their greetings and sometimes making playful dodges with each other. One Husky took an interest in the pack and followed us around for a bit. Petie, Milo and Avo all had some fun playing with the Husky. Milo and Avo also chased and wrestled each other a bit. Carl enjoyed chasing after Zoey and leaping into her, which Zoey tolerated without complaint. Near the end of our visit, Carl found a playmate in a little Chihuahua named Dorris and the two of them had some fun chasing and dodging each other. Zoey and Petie kept gravitating toward a patch of mud near the concrete pad at the center of the park, but they were good about listening whenever I called them away.

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