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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Griff, Imogene and Racer were all panting pretty heavily as we ascended the Chautauqua Trail in the very warm weather. Dylan took a break to lie in the shade about two-thirds up the trail, and everyone was happy to join him and take some water from the CamelBak. Dylan himself only accepted the water when I tucked the spout under his lip. Imogene still had energy to sprint up and down the trail every now and then, but her packmates all trucked along at a slower pace.

Variety Pack

The Valmont Dog Park was less busy than I was expecting for such a pleasant day, but the pack was happy to greet the furry friends who were there. I kept Carl busy chasing a tennis ball while Dylan and Petie roamed. The extent of playful interactions were limited to some neck-poking and close-quarters dodging. None of the dogs seemed to have the energy for any big runs.


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