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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik hesitated a little before hopping out of the packmobile today, but didn't go lie down in the back like he has done some other times, recently. He quickly cheered up when everyone got some treats. He and Griff got to spend a lot of time off leash together. I still put Sputnik back on leash whenever we passed other dogs, but he was exceptionally relaxed about them today, even when one dog barked at us from only about 10 feet away. Ruffers and Racer stayed on leash with me, and sniffed their way along the edge of the trail. We encountered the remnants of a snowman along the trail today, and Racer reacted the same way she did to the snowman at CU South last month. She growled a lot from a long distance off, and got Griff going with a low grumble next to her. Griff got over it pretty quickly, but Racer kept stopping in place and growling the entire way as we approached it, until we were close enough for the pack to take a sniff. Then Sputnik peed on it, and that was that.

Variety Pack

There was a big snow bank at the edge of Martin Park, where we set out for our walk. Avo, Zoey, Rey, and Mamacita were all especially interested in climbing atop it and chomping on the snow, while Ruffers sniffed around the grass at the edge of it. Zoey was in a particularly playful mood this afternoon, and she started jumping around in between her packmates. Ruffers was the first to respond with play-bows. Rey, Avo, and Mamacita all followed in kind, while Zoey bounced around between them for a minute. Surprisingly, Avo and Rey settled down while Zoey and Ruffers were still worked up and hopping around with each other. I was less surprised to see Mamacita pass on the play session after just a couple little moves. For the rest of the walk, everyone stayed in formation pretty well, with very little pulling, making for a very pleasant time.


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