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Tuesday Pack Activities (6/20/2023)

Adventure Pack

Avo, Imogene, Griff and Racer headed up Gregory Canyon to the stream that lies past the really rocky stretch after the wooden bridge. Everyone handled the rough terrain with ease today. As the dogs were cooling off, Imogene and Racer greeted a couple friendly hikers who offered them treats. Griff and Avo were too busy poking around in the stream to go and say hello. Avo discovered a deer leg along the edge of the trail. I put her on leash before she ran off with it and started playing keep away like she did with the deer leg she found at Shanahan Ridge a few months ago. Imogene was off leash with her at the time and she sniffed around the area but came along with the pack when I called her.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Buddy, Carl and Petie headed to Valmont Park for a sunny afternoon. We made a lot of stops in shady spots as we wandered around the park. Carl and Buddy raced each other for tennis balls, and Zoey joined in to snatch it away a few times. Petie was more interested in greeting other dogs than in playing fetch. He and Zoey also hogged the water bowl whenever we stopped by the spigot so the dogs could cool off. At one point, Zoey splashed around in the muck that collects at the south end of the park. She then bolted out and raced around with her packmates in pursuit. She ended her run back in the puddle but, thankfully, the others refrained from joining her there.


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