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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer had an upset stomach at the start of our hike. After stopping at fountain at the Chautauqua trail head and drinking for a while, she was ready to continue on. Sputnik also took the chance to fill up on water at the start of the hike. Carl and Griff enjoyed racing up and down the trails together. Racer dropped into play-bows when Griff ran by us. When we got back to the packmobile, the dogs took turns having mud wiped off from their legs and undercarriages. Racer has a magic coat that collected alomst no mud. Carl's was the opposite - the mud is almost impossible to get out. Griff and Sputnik got pretty muddy, but it wiped away pretty easily. The two of them snuggled with each other while I did the best I could to clean Carl up.

Variety Pack

Avo was enjoying the warm weather, and kept flopping down to roll around in the grass. Mamacita was on the slow side today and didn't join Avo in the past-time for which they both have such a penchant. Mamacita and Zoey sniffed around a tree trunk for a while. Avo found a stick to chew on while her packmates were putting their noses to work.

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