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Tuesday Pack Activities

Morning Pack

Mrs. Miggins was less concerned with sticking by Roger Roger on our walk this morning. She sniffed around with Blu and Gidget some. There was one particular rock that the three of them were very interested in. Roger Roger eventually came over to check it out, as well. Rucksack seemed to be feeling pretty good as he kept up through the walk.

Adventure Pack

There wasn't any snow for Racer to munch on today, and she stayed on the trail with me instead of veering off to the side. Griff and Carl had some fun roaming together. We didn't come across many other dogs, but they were happy when we did. Some human hikers stopped to say hello to Carl, but Carl just grumbled and walked wide around them. Griff passed by without paying particular attention to the people. Racer stopped for a moment to take the attention that her packmates didn't.

Variety Pack

Petie and Rey had some fun running and dodging around with each other at the park today. There were a few other playful dogs who got Rey to play with them. One payed some attention to Mamacita, who was in a pretty vibrant mood today. She made a few playful moves with the one dog. She also ran across the park a couple times. Zoey was feeling a little off. It seems like something in her neck or shoulder is bothering her on and off. She had a couple playful spurts, but she was kind of stiff a lot of the time. She was pretty excited about tearing up grass at the north end of the park, especially when I was trying to shoo her away from it.


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