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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Trails at the Chautauqua were a little busier than yesterday, but still relatively empty. Sputnik and Griff had some fun running up and down the trail off leash. Racer walked with me, frequently veering off to sniff and nibble in the snow. I threw some snowballs for everyone. Sputnik let the first two hit him in the face before he started trying to catch them. Racer was quick to dive after the snow mid-air, even if her timing was a little lacking. Griff made less effort than Racer, but was about as accurate. I thought I got photos of everyone today, but looking through them I only snapped shots of the boys roaming through the snow, and not Racer who was by my side.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoey, Rey, and Avo walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Rey and Avo were very interested in piles of leaves that were buried under the thin layer of snow. Whenever we paused, the two of them started tackling each other playfully, while Zoey and Mamacita stood by calmly. At the end of our walk, Mamacita was reluctant to hop into the car. She pulled toward the snow-covered field beside the parking lot, so I let her go over there. It turns out she really wanted to munch on some of the snow before packing up and heading home.


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