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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer loves putting her nose to work on the trail. She makes lots of little stops to check things out, but hardly ever marks the spots she finds. Meanwhile, Griff and Carl always want to pee on whatever they've sniffed. This pattern continued as we hiked at the Chautauqua this morning. We encountered a friendly dog who stopped to sniff hello as we were making our way back down the trail. Everyone greeted nicely, and then Carl and the other dog made a quick play-bow/dodge move before the other dog took off.

Variety Pack

Petie had a fun time with a Husky who showed up at the Valmont Dog Park just after us. They made playful moves with each other now and then, but mostly just roamed around together. An unneutered Rhodesian Ridgeback showed up to the park and drew the attentions of several dogs - Petie and his friend included. They engaged in a few short chases, with Petie often coming around to cut off the route and then letting out a woof as if to say, "Got you!"


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