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Wednesday Pack Activities (1/17/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan was loving the snow today. I lost count of how many times he rolled around in it. Meanwhile, Bear was in a bouncy, playful mood as he bounded up and down the trail. Ruffers wanted to do some tracking. There's was one particular set of footprints in the snow that she investigated step by step - even stopping to sniff the blades of grass that were brushed by the maker of the prints. Lucy and Dylan poked their noses in some footprints as well, but didn't follow them with the care that Ruffers did.

Variety Pack

Lumi and Alfie continued the theme of sniffing footprints in the snow, each dunking their faces in step after step to get a good nose full. Buddy hopped around them with enthusiasm and excitement, more interested in them than the tracks. Carl stepped more carefully through the snow. He was mostly just looking for places to lift his leg - and, as always, he found many.


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