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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Bluebell Road is still closed for now, so the pack stuck to the meadow again today. Avo had fun racing through the fields while Dylan and Ruffers stuck to the trail. Whereas many pack members pull ahead to follow scents that interest them, Ruffers has a well-established habit of catching a scent and then backtracking along the edge of the trail to try to pin down the source. Dylan and Avo often followed her lead and joined her, once she discovered something worth checking out.

Variety Pack

The Valmont Dog Park was bustling with friendly dogs when we arrived this afternoon. Archie immediately befriended a short, long dog who enjoyed chasing him around. Imogene was quick to find a tennis ball and get the fetch session rolling. Archie left his friend behind to chase Imogene while Imogene chased down the tennis ball, and Carl soon joined in with them. I faked out Imogene every so often so I could give Carl a shorter throw to fetch. Rey found a friend in a playful pup with an Australian Shepherd-sort of look. Zoey sat down with a woman on a bench, to keep her company for a while. Rey saw this and rushed over then hopped onto the bench to make sure she wasn't ignored, before promptly abandoning them to return to play with her friend.


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