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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack had a fun time on the snowy trails at Shanahan Ridge this morning. I thought Dylan would roll around in the snow but I guess it was too fresh for his liking. Instead, he led Avo on a couple sprints through it. Avo had already been bounding through the snow on her own, and was happy to give pursuit to Dylan when he initiated. Meanwhile, Milo tromped at my side through the snow.

Variety Pack

Milo was eager to go out again with Imogene and Rey this afternoon, while Avo had her fill of the cold and decided she would rather stay in. The chilly weather put Imogene and Rey both in pretty playful moods throughout the walk. Rey repeatedly performed a rear-back-then-hop-forward move that reminded me of our late former pack member Mamacita. Imogene flailed a bit more in her playful spirits. Milo didn't get as worked up as his packmates, but he was very happy to be out in the snow some more.


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