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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Early in the hike, I felt a piece of pine needle in my shoe and bent down to pick it out. Dylan took advantage of the opportunity to sneak up from behind me and plant a lick on the side of my face. A little later in the hike he lay down in some snow, buried the tip of his nose in it, and then stared up at me before rolling onto his back and requesting belly rubs. Sputnik was also in an affectionate mood today, as he poked his nose into my hand several different times, and rubbed his head against my leg. I think the beef jerky treats I had on me had something to do with that. Ruffers was more interested in wandering off to do her own thing, for the most part, as usual.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Rey broke out into playful hops with each other at a few points during our walk on the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Zoey made stops at all her usual places. When errant aromas caught the noses of her packmates, she often just waited on the path until they were done sniffing; she was rarely interested if the locale wasn't one of her regular stops.

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