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Wednesday Pack Activities (11/29/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear had a blast rolling around on the snow-packed trail at the beginning of our hike at the Chautauqua. He and Ruffers enjoyed roaming a bit together while Lucy stayed on the leash with me. Even with her packmates off and about, Lucy did a good job of walking at my side. There was one particular patch of brush where everyone gathered and spent a good minute or so sniffing.

Variety Pack

Buddy and Archie wrestled around with each other before the walk, while Alfie and Lumi lounged and chewed on bones. Their respective energy levels were consistent through the walk along Bear Creek Greenway, with Buddy and Archie getting worked up about passing dogs and also trying to get each other going every so often, while Alfie and Lumi kept their positions on the outer flanks and walked right on pace. The one exception was when a squirrel skittered across the path a short distance ahead of us and Alfie and Lumi pulled the hardest in an attempt to pursue it.

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