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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The winds have passed, and they left colder air in their wake. The trail head had some traffic today, but hikers were sparse deeper into the trails, so Ruffers and Sputnik enjoyed some off-leash time together. They spent it sniffing around the edges of the trail and leaving their marks. Racer followed up from behind, as I brought her over to sniff the spots that her packmates had found interesting. Dylan took a break today, but hopefully will be feeling up to rejoining pack outings soon.

Variety Pack

Our walk at Wonderland Lake this afternoon was an exercise in heeling and redirecting attention from distractions, back to me. Imogene, Avo, and Rey all got a lot of feedback, that I will continue to reinforce. Zoey didn't need the lesson, but didn't mind the treats that came with it either. Blu and Gidget walked with Jen, and did a good job. The pair of them were entranced by a dog playing fetch with a frisbee at Wonderland Lake Park. Avo and Rey were also very interested, but did a pretty good job staying on pace at my side. Shortly after that, playful impulses got the better of Imogene, Avo, and Rey. They all started hopping around with each other until I calmed them. When we made our way back to the house, I let them have a run in the yard to let out all the pent-up excitement. Rey played rabbit, running back and forth and all around the yard, as Avo, Zoey, and Imogene pursued with zeal.

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