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Wednesday Pack Activities (2/7/2024)

Adventure Pack

Bear bounded through the snow during a bit of off leash time in between seeing other dogs on the trail at Shanahan Ridge. Meanwhile, Dylan entertained himself with his usual winter past-time of rolling around in it. Ruffers poked along, doing a lot of sniffing on the way. Lucy was pretty interested in the dogs who went by, but she managed to keep collected when we pulled off to the side of the path to let them pass. The greetings she gave her packmates, upon first seeing them during pickups, were marginally more composed but still an overflowing expression of puppy excitement.

Variety Pack

Alfie, Lumi, Buddy and Archie all got into a very playful mood when the pack stopped to sniff a snow bank during our walk along Goose Creek Greenway. Lumi rolled in the snow, Buddy jumped at him, Alfie hopped all around him, and Archie started darting in and throwing his backside around. Lumi and Buddy settled down pretty quickly. It took a stern voice to get Alfie's attention and make him stop trampling around his packmates. Archie was determined to keep the chaos going, so I had to shorten his lead and get him to sit and chill out for a minute. Carl and Ruffers were tame and well-mannered while their packmates were goofing around. The pack was significantly more orderly on the return leg of the walk. We made a few more stops for the dogs to sniff in snow banks, these times without the wild frenzy.

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