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Wednesday Pack Activities

Morning Boarding Pack

Gidget was bursting with energy as we walked around Wonderland Lake this morning. She wanted to go all over the place all of the time. Blu and Racer were not as wild as Gidget, but Blu wanted to pull ahead and Racer wanted to pull off to the side to sniff. Meanwhile, Lou followed along very nicely just behind me. When we stopped to take a photo, it took a lot of corralling to get everyone everyone to face the same direction for even a moment.

Adventure Pack

Something caught Dylan's attention at Enchanted Mesa, and he started trotting off through the snowy field on his own. Ruffers was curious about whatever drew Dylan's attention, but she was on leash with me and Sputnik at the time. Griff was off leash, but doing his own thing. He didn't take note of Dylan's agenda until Dylan had already turned back to return to the rest of the pack. Sputnik was remarkably calm today, even as we passed right next to a pair of Golden Retrievers who were rolling in the snow, and another pair of dogs who were whining and pulling toward us. He has had a real shift in demeanor over the past few months; hopefully a sign that he is maturing and growing more self-assured around unfamiliar dogs.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Carl were all about chewing on twigs during our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Rey partook in the chewing of a few twigs as well, but did not go at it with the zeal of her puppy packmates. Zoey had no interest in twigs, but her frequent stops to sniff at tree trunks gave the others plenty of opportunities to indulge.


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