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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Sputnik took longer breaks in the shade as we hiked up and down the mountain at Settler's Park this morning. I hooked them both up on leashes when we reached the Red Rocks formation, to avoid any sneaking over to snatch food from picnicking children. Later on, we encountered a long line of kids with inner tubes making their way up the Boulder Creek Path. Several commented on how much they liked the dogs.

Variety Pack

There was still a steady stream of kids with tubes walking up the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon, and there was no parking to be found in the area, so the pack headed to the Bear Creek Greenway at Martin Park instead. With Rey out for the day, we had an all-Doodle troop. Lizzo and Imogene took turns making play moves with Carl throughout the walk. At one point, they were coming at him from both sides, so I had everybody settle down and get back to walking. Zoey seems to be doing well on her healed leg, as I haven't noticed any limping since her return; however, I did notice that she landed with her weight on her other back foot when she leapt into the packmobile after our walk.


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