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Wednesday Pack Activities (6/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan rushed ahead to be first into the stream at our Saddle Rock stop on our way up Gregory Canyon. Avo and Bear were both eager to get into the water with him. Ruffers lingered behind to sniff around, then caught up and joined her packmates in the stream. Later on, Bear and Avo had a blast running down side paths and checking back in with the rest of us on the main trail. Avo tried to convince me to take the pack up the Crown Rock Trail as we made our way back down Gregory Canyon, but she soon relented and chased Bear back down to the stream instead.

Variety Pack

Alfie and Buddy both had their second pack outings today - this time with Archie and Ruffers. Everyone was happy to greet each other, and Buddy was less shy about the attention he got today. Buddy and Archie really hit it off and wrestled around together before the walk. Alfie and Ruffers also joined in the play to sniff and poke around at their packmates, but were more tame in their demeanors. I had to keep Buddy and Archie separate during the walk because they just wanted to continue wrestling together. Buddy settled into formation beside Ruffers and Alfie, while I managed Archie on his own at my other side. The prairie dogs were out along the Goose Creek Greenway and Alfie was very interested in them. He and the rest of the pack were distracted by smells at the outset of our walk, so he didn't react to the first prairie dog that chirped at us. A short while later, he stared intently at a couple others who were announcing our presence as we passed. When we came through the same area again on the return leg of the walk, it took some persistent effort to keep Alfie on the path with the rest of the pack as he was drawn to the chirping prairie dogs like a ship to the siren's song.


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