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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Dylan were on the case at the Chautauqua Park. They followed their noses through the grass to some bushes. After sniffing the bushes for a bit, they back-tracked the way they had come. I don't know what the story was, but it must have been pretty interesting. They continued to do a lot of sniffing by the trail head. Once we got a bit further up the trail, they gave their noses a rest. We encountered a few friendly dogs along the way. Dylan and Ruffers were both happy to say hello.

Variety Pack

After a stop at the house, Rey, Zoey, Carl, Imogene, and Lizzo were all excited to head to the Foothills Dog Park for the afternoon. Rey, Imogene, and Lizzo started a game of chase with the first dog who met us at the park entrance. Carl and Zoey headed to the shelter and sniffed hellos for a bit before joining the rest of us on a loop around the park. Imogene and Carl were both nuts about chasing balls. Lizzo was nuts about chasing Imogene, but also went after the ball sometimes. Zoey was happy to find the rubbery soccer ball that she has enjoyed in the past, and I kicked it around for her. Rey shifted back and forth between running around with other dogs, and standing in the distance observing everything from afar.


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