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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers gave chase to Avo when they first went off-leash together on our way up the mountain. Avo sprinted through the fields while Ruffers only went far enough to get Avo moving, and then just watched until she circled back for another brief pursuit. While roaming, Avo unfortunately found some poo that caught her fancy. She ignored me when I tried calling her off of it. Dylan was on leash with me at the time and he wasn't in a running mood, so it took a moment to get to Avo and shoo her away, at which point it looked like she had her fill. Ruffers had been hovering around Avo, but didn't partake in the nastiness.

Variety Pack

Imogene joined in with Zoey and Rey wrestling routine at the house before our walk. Imogene's go-to move was to try to fit Rey's entire head inside her mouth, and she did a surprisingly good job at it. We headed to the Goose Creek Greenway. There were a lot of grasshoppers around - not quite as many as we were seeing a couple weeks ago, but still quite a few - and it struck me that despite Carl's obsession with chasing down leaves that blow by him in the wind, he is surprisingly indifferent towards grasshoppers who hop across his path. Imogene and Zoey didn't seem to pay any attention to them, either. Rey was a little more interested. She perked up and stared when they hopped near her, but she didn't make any attempt to catch them.


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