Leader of the Pack

Serving Boulder, Colorado

Since 2009


Pack Activities

Sign your furry friend up for a regular schedule of Exercise, Exploration, and Pack Socialization!


Adventure Pack

Late-Morning Trail Hikes!

90-minutes of hiking/walking

(approx. 11 AM - 12:30 PM)


Includes off-leash fun for well-behaved dogs with their Voice & Sight Control tags.


Favorite destinations include: Chautauqua, Shanahan Ridge, The People's Crossing, CU South Trails, and Boulder Creek Path.

Home pick-up & drop-off included.

Up to 4 dogs per group.

Offered Monday through Friday.

$36 per hike


Variety Pack

Afternoon Outings!

60-minutes of walking/playtime.

(approx. 2 PM - 3 PM)


Includes a mix of leashed walks and park visits.


Favorite destinations include: Foothills Dog Park, Valmont Dog Park, CU South Trails, Boulder Creek Path, Bear Creek Greenway, Goose Creek Greenway, Wonderland Lake.


Home pick-up & drop-off included.

Up to 6 dogs per group.

Offered Monday through Friday.

$24 per outing


A Bit About Greg

I am a lifelong animal lover who has always had an especially soft spot for canines.  I grew up in Connecticut with three Golden Retrievers over the course of my youth - Goldie, Honey, and Cinnamon - and I loved each of them for the special beings they were.


After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy along with coursework in Psychology and Music at Boston University, I moved to Boulder where I undertook graduate studies in Philosophy for one year at the University of Colorado.  I left academia and started walking dogs in the Spring of 2008.  I began Leader of the Pack in March of 2009, and I've loved working with dogs on a daily basis ever since!

I strive to see things from the point of view of each and every dog with whom I work and I am perpetually involved in independent study of animal behavior.  I ascribe to an approach that focuses on positive goals and patient guidance through adversity in order to help teach our four-legged companions to get along happily and harmoniously in this world of human design.  I believe that working to better understand our furry friends helps us to better understand one another and the rest of the natural world around us.


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