Wednesday, April 26th

Adventure Pack

After sniffing around the trailhead together, Mamacita and Coco both decided it was time for a wiggle in the tall grass. While the two of them were having fun, Sputnik and Colby play-bowed and hopped around with each other. After that playful start to the hike, we had a pleasant time on the trails that was only interrupted when a big truck came down Bluebell Road. When we stepped off the paved trail to let the truck by, Colby leapt as far into the brush and away from the truck as the leash would allow. Mamacita, on the other hand, leapt toward the truck with a stern bark to let it know that its rumbling intimidation tactics were not appreciated. Coco and Sputnik just stood by and waited for the intrusion to pass.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Thompson, and Coco walked around the perimeter of the Foothills Dog Park with me this afternoon. A handful of other dogs came and went while we were there. An Australian Shepherd was the first to greet the pack, and made a few playful moves with both Coco and Ruffers. Thompson wandered over to a smaller dog and hung out around him for a little while before joining back up with the pack. Later on, a very playful Pit Bull showed up and followed Ruffers around, playing a bit of chase. Coco played with the Pit Bull a bit as well by doing some mock stand-offs and then breaking out into goofy hops and spins.