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Wednesday, June 14th

Adventure Pack

Colby, Mamacita, and Sputnik had a nice hike this morning. We came across several other dogs along the way as well as a lot of people on the trails. Our encounters with passing dogs were mostly brief and friendly, but one very excitable and whiny pup got a short growl out of Sputnik. Colby was relatively calm today and didn't dodge around very much even when people passed us.

Variety Pack

There was some construction work being done at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon and a large portion was fenced off. The pack didn't take much notice, but we spent most of our time at the grassy, north end of the park to have a bit of distance from the work. Coco, Ruffers, Roger Roger, and Mamacita all had some fun wiggling around in the grass. Thompson spent much of his time hanging out in shady spots, but he wandered around with his packmates for a bit as well. There were a couple playful Huskies with whom Coco and Roger Roger had some fun. Roger Roger and Ruffers had a wrestling session. Later on, a pair of Great Danes showed up and Ruffers made playful moves with them while the rest of the pack followed them around and sniffed at them with interest.

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