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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Wind whistled through the mountain treetops, even though there was no breeze to be felt at ground level. Ruffers, Sputnik, and Riley made their way down the mountainside at a leisurely pace, after a short water break at the peak of their hike. Ruffers had looked out over the vista while Riley and Sputnik were focused on me, offering the water.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Sputnik, and Rey sniffed around at Martin Park, each heading off in their own direction, as their noses commanded. Eventually, they all got on the same page and started walking the Bear Creek Path together. We came by one very ornery little dog who barked as he went by, which got Rey and Sputnik both riled up enough to give brief growls as they pulled at their leashes, before I drew them off to the side of the path. We encountered the same dog on our return leg, to similar effect. The rest of the walk was peaceful and pleasant, broken up by occasional stops so the dogs could do some more sniffing.

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