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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sanni joined Dylan for our hike at the Chautauqua this morning. When we picked Dylan up and he saw Sanni in the car, he grumbled a bit; but by the time we stopped for a photo about halfway through the hike, his attitude had changed. He came right up and gave her a couple kisses before cuddling up to me. We had a very nice time on the trail. Sanni pulled a bit now and then, but was otherwise well mannered. She stayed on leash with me while Dylan led the way for most of the hike.

Variety Pack

Our walk along the Bear Creek Greenway was quiet and pleasant this afternoon. Surprisingly, the dogs made no effort to pull over to their usual sniffing spot at the big boulder that marks the path near the basketball courts. Zoey and Carl enjoyed chomping on twigs in Martin Park while Lou tried to crawl into my lap, and Ruffers sniffed and made a few playful moves around them.


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