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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Dylan had a blast in the snow at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Ruffers actually tagged along with Dylan at the lead most of the time, instead of lingering behind to sniff. She had a playful bounce in her step as she trotted beside Dylan, ready for a chase at any moment. Dylan instead opted to roll around in the snow. Dylan and Ruffers both perked up even more when we saw a couple friendly dogs who hiked along the same stretch of trail with us for a little ways.

Variety Pack

Carl and Ruffers had fun wrestling in the snow before our walk this afternoon. Lou became interested in the tussle, and started running and making play moves around them while they did their thing. Zoey was busy sniffing around and didn't care about the excitement. The trail at Foothills Park was slushy, as the warm day did it's work on the snow that recently piled up.


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