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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan wiggled around in the snow a couple times early on during our hike, and then stayed upright for the rest of the time. Sputnik lagged behind at first but then caught up with Dylan and the pair of them were shoulder-t0-shoulder for a while. I put Sputnik on leash with Riley whenever we came by another dog, to make sure they behaved themselves. Dylan didn't need to be called over, as he was friendly in saying hello to the other dogs.

Variety Pack

The prairie dogs were out at the Goose Creek Greenway, chirping at us as we walked by. Riley, Carl, and Lou all stared intently at them, while Ruffers and Zoey did pay them any attention. At one point during the walk, the ladies all decided in unison that there was a particular patch beside the path that was in immediate need of investigation. They all swarmed the area and took turns marking it. Carl followed up after the rest and left his own mark before we continued on our way.


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