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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Dylan happily greeted other off-leash dogs on the Mesa Trail today, while Racer and Milo stayed on leash with me. At one point, we came across a couple dogs who were on leash, and whose humans pulled them off to the side of the trail as we approached. Dylan and Griff both did a great job of coming back to me when I called them, so we could give the other dogs their space. A couple minutes later, we had a very different encounter when a super excited and friendly young dog came wiggling over into the middle of the pack and greeted everybody.

Variety Pack

Blu, Carl, Zoey, Gidget, and Lou enjoyed walking the Boulder Creek Path on a beautiful afternoon. We stopped at the nearest tree as we entered Eben G. Fine Park because Carl, Blu, and Gidget were all drawn to it. After everyone was done sniffing, we started moving along the path again. Zoey wasn't that interested in sniffing around that tree, but she insisted on another stop about 20 feet away, at one of her favorite trees. We made another stop at Zoey's request on the other side of the park, in another spot she always wants to check out. The rest of the pack were all happy to stop and sniff around each time. Once we got past the park, we kept up a pretty steady pace for the rest of the walk.


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