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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik took their time poking along the trail and sniffing in the grass as we headed up the Chautauqua Trail this morning. It was warm put pretty breezy out. We eventually started moving at a more steady pace, especially when we were heading back downhill. We walked through the Chautauqua Park at the end of the hike, and I noticed signs for pesticide application that is taking place next week, so we won't be walking through that field for a little while.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Lou were pretty stubborn at the beginning of our walk, as they just wanted to lounge in Martin Park. Ruffers made a few moves to try to mount Zoey but I shooed her off. Carl occupied himself by finding things to nibble on. Rey and Dylan just waited around, ready to get moving. A short while later, we came upon a mother and her two daughters. One daughter was enamored with the pack and her mother told me it was her dream to have six dogs. The pack enjoyed some pets that were doled out by the family and then we continued a pleasant walk along the Bear Creek Greenway.


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