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Friday Pack Activities (9/8/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly took a more active role in olfactory investigations today as she led the sniffing on a number of occasions. Taco was always quick to pull over with her and check things out. Yoshi and Dylan were less nose-driven but also sniffed around a bit here and there. Dylan sprawled out when we stopped in the shade at one point, and I helped him cool off by squirting his belly with water. I was happy to see Yoshi pulling on the leash less, even when he saw other dogs on the trail.

Variety Pack

We started our afternoon walk along Boulder Creek Path with a stop in the water at Eben G. Fine Park. Carl, Zoey and Lumi all climbed in to soak for a few minutes; Yoshi was in and out quickly; Ruffers stayed dry on the steps. Lumi rolled in the dirt as soon as he got out of the water, as is apparently his custom. Yoshi again minded his manners pretty well when other dogs passed by. He definitely took interest in them, but didn't pull much on the leash. Zoey and Ruffers made some stubborn stops to backtrack and sniff around in the brush around the footpath near the creek. Carl had a few words for a skateboarder who went by us and his dog who was running beside him, but I think his grumbles might have been too quiet for them to hear.

Bonus Pack

Alfie and Monkey again enjoyed a shorter neighborhood walk together today with Jen. Aside from jumping at every grasshopper and butterfly in sight - and there were many - Monkey walked pretty well on leash. Alfie also walked pretty well, although his wrist was still bothering him a bit.


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