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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed up the Mesa Trail this morning. Dylan was happy to have fresh snow to roll around in. Sputnik munched on some snow but not as much as some other days. He seemed a bit perkier today than he has been recently. Ruffers ran up and down the trail a bit, trying to tempt Dylan into a chase. Dylan didn't take the bait, but Sanni started hopping around and pouncing at Ruffers when she ran by.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Lou, Avo, Carl, and Rey headed to the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. We passed a number of other dogs, and everybody behaved themselves very nicely. Everybody pulled over to sniff around on the small snow banks every so often; and, of course, Zoey made sure we made our regular stops at Eben G. Fine Park.

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