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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a magpie poking around at the edge of the Chautauqua Trail as we made our ascent. Avo watched it intently as we approached and it took to the air in our direction, flying low just past us; the others weren't as curious about the bird. Dylan and Ruffers took their time and brought up the rear today. We headed up the Flatirons Loop and I was happy to see Sputnik did a good job managing the rocky ascent and descent. The rest of the pack had no problem, either; Avo roamed all over the mountain.

Variety Pack

Carl, Rey, Zoe, and Zoey were all pretty interested in nibbling on twigs and wet grass during our walk along the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Lou wasn't really interested in grazing like her packmates, and just trotted in place behind me. Today was a day of corvids, as we passed by a crow perched on a fence during the return leg of our walk. I corrected Rey when she leapt toward it, and had her sit and focus on me instead of the bird. Little Zoe had also hopped toward the bird, alongside Rey, but she didn't go for it with the same gusto.

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