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Monday Pack Activities (9/11/2023)

Adventure Pack

The canine community bulletins scattered along Baseline Trail had the pack sniffing and leaving their own notes, as usual. Bear didn't wander off as far today so I didn't have to keep calling out, 'Bear!' on the trails. The grass was laden with dew from the cool, wet weather we've had the past couple days. Bear, Dylan and Nelly all found the dew-laden grass pretty enticing. I let Dylan and Bear nibble at their pleasure but kept an eye on Nelly since she has a penchant for over-consuming, and she only snatched up a few blades here and there in passing. Ruffers didn't go for the grass.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Nelly, Alfie, Carl and Lou enjoyed a stroll along Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. We didn't see as many grasshoppers as in recent days but one still managed to hitch a ride on top of Alfie's head for part of the walk. We kept a pretty steady pace throughout the walk and only lingered briefly in the grass by the mile marker boulder that the dogs often like to check out. There wasn't any grass munching like their had been in the Adventure Pack. It was a pretty quiet walk, with the most excitement being when a skateboarder passed by; Alfie hopped in anticipation as they came by, but he didn't growl or lunge toward them, and the rest of the pack didn't react at all.


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